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What does Mexico gain when there is competition?
Economic benefit from eight interventions of Cofece

Published in: December 2022

Documento de Planeación
Rendición de cuentas
Desempeño Institucional

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COFECE promotes that its interventions are evaluated, through ex post assessments, by academics and experts in matters of competition once the markets have incorporated their effects. This contributes to improving the quality of future interventions and, simultaneously, generates results that can be disseminated. In the present book eight assessments conducted on interventions in several markets by COFECE and its predecessor, the Federal Competition Commission (CFC) are presented. The first two were conducted by the General Directorate of Planning and Evaluation and the remaining six by renowned specialists in the matter.

Palabras clave: Construcción institucional, Desempeño, Crecimiento, Impacto positivo, Planeación, Evaluación, Rendición de cuentas, estrategia, reportes, informes,  Transparencia, Cofece, poder adquisitivo, mercados, México, política de competencia, compromiso, experiencia, desarrollo, transformación, retos, contribución

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