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Request an interviews with Commissioners

Article 25 of the Federal Economic Competition Law sets forth the rules for interviews held between COFECE’s commissioners and the persons representing economic agents’ interests. All interviews are held at COFECE’s offices (Av. Santa Fe No. 505, Col. Cruz Manca, Delegación Cuajimalpa, C.P.05349, Mexico City, Mexico).

  1. Send an email to:
  2. Indicate:
    1. The name or names of the Economic Agents that are requesting the interview, their legal representatives and/or individuals that will attend the meeting.
    2. File number (if applicable).
    3. The public servant with whom the interview is requested.
    4. The subject matter, particularly if the case is ongoing or, if it is not yet filed before COFECE.
    5. Requirement of a projector for a presentation.

To prepare your visit, please see Instructions to Access COFECE’s Offices

Infographic for Access to COFECE’s Offices



COFECE Access Regulations

The following measures must be observed when visiting the Federal Economic Competition Commission’s offices

  1. Register with the lobby personnel. You will be required to leave a photo identification (INE Mexican voting card, driver’s license or passport) at the registration desk. Paperwork and procedures will require a second form of identification.
  2. A second registration is required on the 24th floor, before visiting our offices, you will be given a visitor’s badge which you will be required to wear during your visit.
  3. The personnel from the area you are visiting will meet you in the waiting area and show you to an office or meeting room.
  4. When delivering documentation or receiving a notification, go directly to the Commission’s Filing Office on the 14th
  5. You must always go through the metal detectors (arches or hand - held). Deposit your keys, coins and any other metal objects in the tray provided. Please allow the security guards to visually inspect and scan your sacks, purses or cases with a hand - held metal detector; you will be asked to open these.
  6. When attending a meeting with General Directors or senior staff, cell phones, smart watches, audio, video equipment, photographic cameras, computer equipment, laptops and tablets, must be put away in a locker on the 24th floor in an antistatic bag. During your stay you will keep the key to the assigned locker. Once your visit is over, you may collect your belongings, and will be asked by our security personnel to check them, sign them out and return the key.
  7. Prior to your visit, please let staff know if you will be making a presentation so the required equipment can be made available for projection.

We appreciate the observance of these measures.

Safety is everybody’s business

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