Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the governing body in charge of deciding cases and resolving matters constitutionally mandated in an independent, autonomous and collegiate manner, requiring a majority vote.


The Board is composed by seven Commissioners including the Chairperson. Each Commissioner is selected and appointed by an Evaluation Committee which is comprised of government officials from the Bank of Mexico, the National Institute for the Evaluation of Education and the National Institute for Statistics and Geography. -The Committee examines and evaluates applicant’s technical capacities. Results are submitted to the head of the executive branch for his or her selection and subsequently submitted to the Senate for ratification.

Members of the Board of Commissioners

due to a vacancy in the Board
Brenda  Gisela
Hernández Ramírez

Faya Rodríguez

Ana María
Reséndiz Mora

José Eduardo
Mendoza Contreras