Immunity Program

The Immunity and Sanctions Reduction Program is an effective tool to detect, investigate, and sanction absolute monopolistic practices.

Any person or company that has participated or is currently carrying out illegal agreements with its competitors can adhere to it to receive a reduction of the corresponding fines and to be released from criminal liability. In exchange, must provide information and elements about such agreements and maintain full and continual cooperation throughout the procedure to determine the existence of absolute monopolistic practices.

Any person who has aided, abetted, induced, or participated in the commission of such practice may also join the program. The identity of the informant economic agent will be kept confidential.

Interested parties must submit their requests by voicemail to the telephone number +52 (55) 27-89-66-32 or send an electronic mail to They must expressly state their wish to be included in the program, the identity of the applicant, the industry, market and/or goods or services object of the request, and provided contact information.

Once the application is received, the Investigative Authority contacts the applicant to inform the place, day, and time to present the means of conviction in their possession.

The sanctions reduction benefit is granted as long as:

  1. Applies to adhere to the Immunity Program and provide sufficient elements that allow the initiation of an investigation or to presume the existence of the practice;
  2. Cooperates fully and continuously with COFECE in the investigation it carries out and, when appropriate, in the trial-like procedure; and
  3. Conducts the necessary actions to terminate its participation in the absolute monopolistic practice.

The benefits of the Immunity Program are:

  • The first applicant who complies with the requirement will obtain a minimum fine consisting of the amount equivalent to a minimum daily wage in force in the Federal District (SMGVDF)
  • The following economic agents that request this benefit may receive fine reductions up to 50, 30, or 20 percent.
  • All economic agents admitted to the Immunity Program will not be criminally responsible for the commission of absolute monopolistic practices.

For more information and details on the Immunity Program, please contact the Investigative Authority, to the General Direction of Investigations of Absolute Monopolistic Practices at the phone number +52 (55) 27-89-66-24.