The COFECE Model. An institutional building perspective

Published: November 2019

Planning Document
Institutional performance

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In 2013, the Mexican State reformed the Constitution to create a more solid legal framework to combat and prevent monopolistic conduct that harms competition and free market access. As a result of this change, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE) was created.

In order to best fulfill our mandate, we decided to create and put into practice an institutional development and strengthening model, based on four components: 1) strategic focus, 2) efficient procedures and legal certainty, 3) human capital management, and 4 ) accountability and transparency.

Through the COFECE Model document. A perspective of change and institutional construction, the Commission shares with other organizations and society in general the lessons learned from its first six years in terms of institutional development.

Keywords: Institutional construction, Performance, Growth, Positive impact, Planning, Evaluation, Accountability, Strategy, Reports, Transparency, Cofece, purchasing power, markets, Mexico, competition policy, commitment, experience, development, transformation, challenges, contribution

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