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Relevant actions that strengthen competition 2021

Published en: January 27th, 2022

Consumer goods
Energy Sector
Pharmaceutical Sector
Financial Sector
Digital Economy
Transport Sector
Health Sector

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As each year since 2014, the Federal Economic Competition Commission publishes its most relevant actions for the year that ended.

The facts described in the Relevant actions that strengthen competition 2021 were executed in priority sectors: health, energy, transport, financial and consumer goods.

The soundness of the Commission’s processes is proven with the imposition of almost 83 million 472 thousand USD in fines for conducts against competition, despite the challenges faced due to the pandemic.

Keywords: Competition, economic competition, consumer goods, energy sector, LP Gas, electricity sector, labor, drafting of soccer players, commerce, distribution of medicines, financial, securities, transport, passenger land transport, railway, ferries, digital markets, cloud services

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