Trade policy with a competition perspective.

Published: 2017


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Competition Advocacy Studies


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Trade policy can affect the process of free market participation and competition when, it unjustifiably: a. Establishes entry barriers and requirements to participate in economic activities, b. Restricts or prevents supply options in detriment of companies and consumers, c. Distorts productive decisions, d. Diminishes the capacity to compete, or e. Provides special protection to certain sectors or offers differential treatment. Considering this, this Notebook on the Promotion of Competition Principles identifies the aspects of trade policy that may restrict competition, affect the competitive position of companies and diminish consumer’s welfare. In other words, it identifies areas of opportunity and proposes actions that contribute to the efficient functioning of markets and therefore the economic development of the country.

Keywords: Tariffs, Most Favored Nation, Non-tarrif proteccions, Sector promotion progras, imports, exportation, trade, duties, countervailing duties, trade, liberalization, anti-dumping, tariff structures, domestic market, Foreing trade commission, World Trade Organization, WTO, taxes, most-favored-nation (MFN), preferencial tariffs, Mexico´s General import and export tariff law, quotas, import permits, dumping, Mexico´s Foreing Trade Commission, Foreing trade, trade, preferential, Non-tariff protections, imports, exports, import, Free trade Agreemnent, North American Free Trade Agreement, Nafta, Countervailing duties, domestic market, Foreing Trade Commission

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