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Economic Competition

A Platform for Growth 2018-2024

Publicado en: 2018

Sector  Agroalimentario
Sector Financiero
Sector Transporte
Sector Farmaceútico
Sector Empresarial
Sector Gobierno
Sector Energético
Políticas Públicas
Comercio Exterior

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The Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE or Commission) is an autonomous body created by the Mexican State which stems from the 2013 constitutional reform. COFECE’s purpose is to guarantee free market access and economic competition.Its powers are defined under article 28 of the Constitution and the Federal Economic Competition Law, and pursue several objectives. These include promoting a competition culture, as well as design and issuance (by public authorities and sectoral regulators) of laws and public policy which do not limit market competition. In accordance with such powers and with absolute respect to the 2018 electoral process, COFECE presents political parties and future candidates with this document, Economic Competition, a Platform for Growth 2018–2024, as a support tool for those who will undertake the task of designing and implementing public policy during the 2018–2024 administration, with the objective of enhancing economic activity in Mexico.

Key words: Pension system, customer financial information, Identify the levels of vertical integration (import, distribution, storage and commercialization) of the relevant companies in the market for LP gas, port infrastructure, open model for the entry of taxis, agri-food product market by eliminating transit bonds, phytosanitary red tape duplicity and interstate sanitary barriers in all national airports, create a single registry of beneficiaries of subsidy programs for producers and marketers of agri-food products, Reform the linkage between patents and the process of sanitary authorization, to remove obstacles to the entry of generic pharmaceuticals, Move from a policy of import quotas to a unilateral tariff reduction in products that are recurrently undersupplied and present increases in prices, create an online market for small purchases of all Public Administration agencies, Financial Sector and its Markets, energy sector, transport sector, agri-food sector, health sector, trade, public procurement, Sector financiero, sistema de pensiones, cajeros automáticos, intercambio de información financieras propiedad de los clientes, redes de compensación, entidades financieras, gasolina y diésel, identificación de niveles de integración vertical, importación, distribución, almacenamiento y comercialización del Gas LP, portuario, taxis en aeropuertos, agroalimentario, mercado nacional de productos agroalimentarios, barreras sanitarias interestatales y trámites fitosanitarios, crear padrón de beneficiarios de subsidios, reformar sistema, medicamentos con patente vencida, medicamentos genérios, comercio exterior, prácticas desleales.

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