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Internal Comptroller

Sanctioned public servants

The Internal Comptroller verifies that the Commission’s public servants strictly adhere to the applicable legislation. This office is endowed with technical and administrative autonomy regarding its management and resolutions. The Record of Sanctioned Public Servants is published in line with articles 60, 61 and 70, section XVIII of the General Transparency and Access to Public Information Law, article 27 of the General Administrative Responsibility Law, the General Technical Guidelines for the publication, harmonization and standardization of information of the obligations set forth in articles 5 and 31 section IV of the Transparency and Access to Public Information General Law and article 43 of COFECE’s Organic Statute as well as the first two points of the resolution CFCE-056-2016 (from February 29, 2016) issued by the Board of Commissioners.

Record of Sanctioned Public Servants